Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cash registers for restaurants

There are quite a few great cash registers for restaurants from SAM4s and Sharp. You do need to take consideration of the type of restaurant and the way you operate. Some cash registers are more suited for quick service restaurants and some for table service. Other considerations are how many cash registers you will have, do you want you cash register interfaced to credit card payments, kitchen printer, kitchen video etc.

For quick service restaurants that only need one cash register here are a few good models
Keep in mind that all the machines listed below will also work for a one cash register business however the registers listed above may not be suitable for multi register installations if IRC is required.

Here is a list of cash registers that work great in multi register quick service or table service restaurants that wish to operate w guest check system.
The difference between the two groups of registers is that the second group all have the IRC feature and the ability to have guest checks. Both groups have cash registers can use the Datacap Twin Tran for credit card interface.

For more information regarding restaurant cash registers call us at 1-800-863-2274

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sharp ER-A347 cash register review

Sharp ER-A347 cash register
Sharp ER-A347 cash register
One of the newest models of commercial cash registers from Sharp is the ER-A347 and it is starting to make some waves. Sharp made some major steps with this entry level cash register. First they added an eight line LCD display that cashiers will love and so will whoever is having to program  it! The display allows the operator to see more detail and makes programming menu driven and a snap.

Receipt and journal make finding over rings easy and much better then an EJ most machines come with now. You will also like the SD card port as it allows you to transfer data from the register toi a computer and even program your entire cash register that computer and transfer to the register. One of the biggest new features however is the Quick Books transfer tool that is included. This cash register interfaces to Quick Books and is the only one I'm aware of that is included as a standard feature. The second biggest inovation is the credit card interface with a stand alone terminal that I don't hink has ever been done before.

I give the Sharp ER-A347 cash register a 5 out of 5 stars for an entry level cash register at a great price. For more information call us at 1-800-863-2274

A clocer look at SAM4s SPS-340 cash register

SAM4s SPS-340 cash register
SAM4s SPS-340 cash register
The SAM4s SPS-340 a relative newcomer in the mid range cash register line up is a solid register with a lot of upside and little down side.

Designed for food service it will handle quick service, drive through, cafeteria, bar/lounge and smaller table service restaurants.

As far as programming goes this register rank high on the easy scale (remember easy is a subjective term) because of it's 8 line LCD display that walks you through many of the programming steps. In terms of a rating for programming ease I give it a 4 out of 5 stars, only register higher has a much large display. This register also comes with a free utility software if you want to program on a computer, however please remember registers use serial connections NOT USB!

Cashiers and servers really tend to like the cash register as well because of its large keyboard and 8 line display. They like being able to see on the display what was already rang up and a running total. Happy cashiers mean happy customers which means happy owner!

The SAM4s SPS-340 features the traditional two station printer with a receipt and journal. Many registers have only one printer and use an electronic journal in place of the hard copy journal printer. Myself I like two station registers better because you get instant feedback from the journal when you require it! You may not need it often but when you do it is worth it's weight in gold.

With all the features and functions most places need you will find the SPS-340 to be very scalable. I urge every owner I speak to about cash registers to take advantage of the optional Datacap Twin Tran credit card interface. Other features include IRC when 2 plus machines are needed, PC Poll and SAM software are available. PC Poll also has a QB interface if you would like to use that.

Overall in it's price range and for features and functions in a single lane deployment with or without credit card interface I give this register a 5 out of 5 star rating, in multi machine installations without credit card I give it a 5 out of 5 stars, if a multi machine install with credit card it's rating drops to a 3 out of 5. Be happy to explain why in detail if you contact us at 1-800-863-2274

Monday, February 25, 2013

Review of the Sharp ER-A530 cash register

sharp er-a530 cash register
Sharp ER-A530 cash register
Sharp makes quite a few commercial grade cash registers but a few really stand out from the rest. One of those stand outs is the Sharp ER-A530 cash register. Designed for food service the ER-A530 features a large flat keyboard with ample room for at least one hundred one touch menu items. This machine is equipped with a two station printer with both a receipt and journal printer. The receipt can be turned off and issued on demand if you would like.

Here are some other pros of the ER-A530
Here are a few things it does not have although Sharp makes larger models to address these needs
  • No IRC
  • Two line display instead of larger 8 line or touch display
The ER-A530 has a great price point and has proven to be a very durable model and should last for years if taken care off in a decent environment.

As far as ease of programming it is right in the middle of the road maybe leaning to harder then average. The reason a few other machines are easier is because they have a larger display then the ER-A530 allowing for more of a menu driven experience.

If you have any questions about this commercial Sharp cash register or another one please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Friday, February 22, 2013

SAM4s cash registers AKA SAM 4s or SAMs cash registers

SAM4s Cash Registers
SAM4s Cash Registers
SAM4s cash registers replaced the Samsung line up quite a few years ago but often people are still flubbing up the name. We have heard the name a dozen different ways but regardless of how you say it or spell it they still make the best cash registers on the market. They make models to suit any type of business from gift shops and liquor stores to full service restaurants or drive throughs.

Here is a couple common miss-spellings of the name.

  1. SAM 4s Cash Registers
  2. SAMs Cash Registers
  3. SAMs 4 Cash Registers
I know there are more but again don't pay attention to the name, check out the features! Questions please feel free to call us at 1-800-863-2274

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sharp cash register keyboard covers

cash register keyboard cover
Cash Register Keyboard Cover
If your keyboard cover on your Sharp cash register is looking faded and worn out replace it. It is fast and easy and your cashiers will stop pressing the wrong button because they will be able to see the keyboard! Makes your cash register look years newer when you replace a cloudy old cover with a crisp clear new one. You can also call us to order or check on availabilty 1-800-863-2274

Also if you need to make a new template for your Sharp cash register here are links to a couple popular models

The UP-700 keyboard template works on many different Sharp models like the A530 and others.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PC Poll software for cash registers

Many people call and ask us about software for cash registers which we do have. Not every cash register works with software but most do. we have a software package we like and it is PC Poll Cash Register Software and it works for both SAM4s cash registers and Sharp.

The software is known as polling software which means it "Polls the cash register" and retrieves the sales data. The software also in most cases allow you to do all of your programming from the PC as well.

PC poll can be connected directly to the cash register, or via the Internet. PC Poll will work for up to 99 stores/registers.

Make sure your cash register has enough serial ports to connect to a computer especially if you have other options connected like credit card interface or bar code scanning.

Feel free to give us a call for more information or if you already own PC Poll and require support we can help you there too. 1-800-863-2274

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sharp ER-A247 and ER-A347 review

Sharp ER-A347 cash register
Sharp ER-A347 cash register

A class leading display, stylish new design and versatile capabilities make the ER-A347 and ER-A247 cash registers built for a business ready to grow. Utilizing a large operator display and a re ned menu based management system, the ER-A347 and the ER-A247 sets a new standard in commercial cash register design. Managing your retail business has never been easier with advanced features including: separate receipt & journal printers, an option to connect a scanner, credit card payment interface, SD card slot for sales / register data transfer and even a QuickBooks® transfer tool for the PC. The ER-A347 and ER-A247 is the ideal price and performance answer to your register needs.

Sharp ER-A347 Features

  • Directly hardwire a credit card terminal - cashiers won't have to type in transaction amounts.*
  • Professional metal cash drawer - with 5 bill and 6 coin compartments
  • 2 Displays - Include one operator and one customer for easy viewing.
  • Thermal Printing - For fast print speed and quiet operation (12 lines per second).
  • SD Card Slot - For easy data backup/transfer/cloning.
  • Automatic Tax System - For up to 4 individual tax rates or a tax table.
  • PC Link software (via SD Card only) - For easy programming.
  • Graphics Tool - As part of PC-Link software; adds a logo or graphic to receipts.
  • Quickbooks® Pro® - Link to the famous accounting software to integrate transactions (verisons 2010-2013 supported).
  • 99 Pre-Programmed Departments - Easily separate product types.
  • 7000 Price Look-ups - For quick and accurate entry.

Sharp ER-A247 Features

  • Directly hardwire a credit card terminal - cashiers won't have to type in transaction amounts.*
  • Professional metal cash drawer - with 5 bill and 6 coin compartments
  • 2 Displays - Include one operator and one customer for easy viewing.
  • Thermal Printing - For fast print speed and quiet operation (12 lines per second).
  • SD Card Slot - For easy data backup/transfer/cloning.
  • Automatic Tax System - For up to 4 individual tax rates or a tax table.
  • PC Link software (via SD Card only) - For easy programming.
  • Graphics Tool - As part of PC-Link software; adds a logo or graphic to receipts.
  • Quickbooks® Pro® - Link to the famous accounting software to integrate transactions (verisons 2010-2013 supported).
  • 99 Pre-Programmed Departments - Easily separate product types.
  • 7000 Price Look-ups - For quick and accurate entry.
*Interface with Hypercom T4220 (version3.3.x) terminal only, check with your credit card processor for compatibility.

Friday, February 15, 2013

SAM4s SPS-2000 cash register review

SAM4s SPS-2000
SAM4s SPS-2000
The SAM4s SPS-2000 is easily configured to meet the needs of various table service, quick service and retail applications. It supports a full complement of POS peripherals, including printers, a comprehensive kitchen video system (KVS), POS scales, scanners, order confirmation board and connects to a back office or remote PC for polling and program maintenance.
It can be used in numerous types of businesses like:
  • Table Service: Casual Dining, Family Style Restaurants, Bar/Restaurants
  • QSR: Sandwich, Bakery, Pizza, Coffee, Taco, Hamburger, Ice Cream
  • Retail: Specialty Foods, Specialty Gourmet, Deli's, Liquor, Beer/Wine, Gift Shop
Here are some of the highlights I really liked about the SAM4s SPS-2000

  • No Hard Disk Drive. By using compact flash memory instead of a hard disk drive, the SAM4s SPS-2000 is inherently more reliable and requires less maintenance.
  • EPROM Program Storage The SPS-2000 application program is bundled with each terminal and preloaded in EPROM, providing exceptional reliability, stability and speed – with significantly faster booting than traditional PC-based POS.
  • No Single Point of Failure Each SPS-2000 is fully functional without a server or network, meaning that there is no single point where an unexpected failure could completely disable your system.
  • Quiet Fanless Operation With no fan to draw contaminates into the register, the SPS-2000 will perform better and last longer.
The SPS-2000 has a great list of value added options available:
Keep in mind the SAM4s SPS-2000 is a cash register with a touch screen NOT a touch screen computer. This fact accounts for the great pricing and why the 2000 is so durable and trouble free. Have questions about a SPS-2000 please giv us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How do you connect your cash register to a credit card terminal?

All most all cash registers that can process credit cards directly use a device called a Datacap to do so. So what is a Datacap you may be asking?

The Datacap device such as a TwinTran enables almost any cash register with a serial interface to
authorize electronic payments via the Internet with automatic dial backup. The TwinTran uses a regular telephone line to provide redundant communica-tion with no intervention from the operator. Replacing cumbersome stand-beside terminals and eliminating the need for a PC to connect to the Inter-net, TwinTran frees up counter space, speeds customer throughput, reduces administration time, fights employee fraud and eliminates costly dedicated phone lines. TwinTran is interfaced to hundreds of embedded systems, in-cluding cash registers, kiosks, parking systems, car wash systems and vending machines, and supports major payment processors for credit, debit, check, gift and loyalty transactions.

Datacap devices support Multi-lane cash register configurations such as follows.
• Single ECR/POS with peripheral support for MSR, MICR, PIN pad
• Credit,Debit, EBT for a variety of merchant categories
• Gift/Prepaid/Loyalty programs support

Datacap devices work with:
  • SAM4s cash registers
  • Sharp cash registers (commercial grade only)
  • Casio Cash Registers
We can help you purchase and deploy a Datacap or if you already own one we can help you re-program it for another processor. Call us at 1-800-863-2274

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SAM4s 900 series review

SAM4s last year released the highly anticipated ER-900 series of cash registers. There are four registers in this series. two are made for retail stores and two designed with food service in mind.

The SAM4s ER-925, ER-945 For Retail Merchants Applications like Retail, Gift Shops, convenience Stores, Beer/Wine/Liquor, Specialty Food, Produce, Meat, Main Street Merchants. The traditional raised-key keyboard provides 21 keyboard PLU keys and can be expanded by your SAM4s dealer to
63 PLU keys. Keyboard PLUs act like traditional departments for open-priced entries or can be set as preset price keys. Large key size ensures easy-to-read key labels. Merchants who wish to scan can build their PLU file on the fly using the not-found PLU registration feature.

The SAM4s ER-920, ER-940 For Food Service Applications Cafeterias, Quick Service, Concessions, Ice Cream /Frozen Yogurt Stands, Hamburger Sandwich, Pizza, Coffee, Bakery, Deli’s, Bars Preset PLUs facilitate fast and accurate registrations. With 150 key locations, the flat, spill-resistant keyboard can easily accommodate large menus with preset keys for each item. Where menus change daily with breakfast, lunch or dinner times the paper key-sheet under the overlay is easily exchanged. A simplified check tracking feature is available for bars and cafes

Thermal Printer choices include a single printer or traditional receipt and journal model. Both versions provide fast, quiet thermal printing. Drop-in loading simplifies paper changing and
virtually eliminates paper jamming. Receipt & Journal Printer Models; ER-940, ER-945. Use a two-printer model when a  customer receipt and a traditional real-time printed journal is needed for sales archival. Single Printer Models; ER-920, ER-925 Single printer models are best for receipt-only or
journal-only applications. If you choose a single printer model for printing receipts, you can record your journal electronically in the register’s memory.

Integrated Credit, Debit and Gift Card Payments. Electronic payment sales can be processed in a single step at the SAM4s ER-900 with an optional DataTran™ integrated payment appliance.  The ER-900 Series is electronic payment and gift card processing ready – no additional software
modules are required. Free gift card processing is available through selected processing partners.  Transactions can be processed in two seconds or less using the latest IPTran or TwinTran technology and a persistent internet connection.

Need help selecting which one would work best for you call us at 1-800-863-2274

Monday, February 11, 2013

SAM4s SPS-320 cash register review

The SAM4s SPS-320 is a welcome new release to the SAM4s line up of powerful registers. The SPS-300 series is replacing the popular SAM4s ER-650 with some great new features. The first huge improvement started in creating a series instead of two models like the 650 and the 650R which had some big limits. The 300 series includes models with flat keyboards and raised but also with receipt only and receipt and journal models. The series is made up of the following:
  • SAM4s SPS-320 with flat keyboard and single printer
  • SAM4s 340 Flat Keyboard and dual printers (receipt and journal)
  • SAM4s SPS-345 raised keys and dual printers 9receipt and journal)
The keyboard on the SPS-320 is much larger than the 650 making it more attractive for restaurants. One of the biggest advances is the SD card port which has been lacking in cash registers in the past. The SD card will let you back up and restore programming, update firmware and download sales reports. Giving the register more scalability they have included 2 serial ports and have 2 additional available as options. These serial ports allow you have more options than the 650 did. For example now you can have a PC interface, a bar code scanner, a credit card interface and still have a port left over!

You will love the easy programming with the 8 line LCD display or if you would like to use it the register comes with free programming software however make sure and buy the cables need to interface.

Overall this is a great model and should be around for a long time! Call if you have any questions about buying 1-800-863-2274

Friday, February 08, 2013

Adding a Datacap TwinTran to your cash register

Datacap TwinTran
Datacap TwinTran w/built in MSR attached to Sharp cash register

We get a lot of people calling to get information regarding the Datacap TwinTran or one of their other Tran products that turn your cash register into a credit card machine as well.

Datacap's are great products and once set up and working you'll forget they are ever even there. First you need to decide which model you want from the three choices of DialTran, IPTran, and the most popular TwinTran model. You then decide if you need a built in magnetic card reader or not. Then the most crucial choice is Single lane or multi-lane and with or with out gift card support.

Most customers use Mercury Payments for merchant processing when interfacing with a Datacap however you do not have to. Datacap devices work with most every major provider of merchant services on the market.

I caution not to try and deploy a Datacap without a cash register dealer such as our company to assist you. Many cash registers can be installed very well by yourself but don't try the same thing with a Datacap. Pay the dealer for the support because you will be much happier in the long run.

Yes Datacaps are not cheap, however they are worth the expense. They speed up your cash register lines, they decrease or eliminate errors as well as help bring fraud to a screeching halt. My company has deployed hundreds of Datacaps and I can't remember being ask to take any of them off a cash register!

So here is a great place to buy a Datacap TwinTran and get some information about them. You can also just call us if you are serious about buying a twinTran or you have one and need it reprogrammed for a different merchant services.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

SAM4s SPS-530F 7" Graphic Display

SAM4s make a really great device you can add to your cash register that provides advertising and promotions to your customers right there in line with their wallet in hand! The item I'm talking about is the 7"Graphic Display. This device shows the customer their sale details on one third of the screen while the remaining two thirds rotates through jpeg images that you have loaded that are only limited by your creativity.

The SAM4s 7" Graphic Display works with many of the SAM4s cash registers not just the SPS-500 series cash registers. Easy to install and can be added after the fact so don't worrry if you did not add this when you bought your cash register.

SAM4s Graphic Rear Display

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What you need to know before buying a cash register

Here is a quick buyers guide to consider when buying a new cash register for a retail operation. Make a list of your answers to give to the company you end up calling to make sure you get the right register.

Questions to answer before buying a new cash register for a retail store.
  1. Do I need a receipt and journal or receipt only?
  2. How many departments/groups do I need?
  3. Will I use a bar code scanner or just key prices into open departments.
  4. If scanning how many UPC's will my register need to hold.
  5. How many tax rates do I need?
  6. Will I have more than one register in my store?
  7. Do I need to connect to a PC for any reason?
  8. Do I want to interface my cash register to a credit card terminal?
  9. Do I want to program the cash register myself or prefer a turnkey solution
So these are the basic questions to answer before you begin shopping. There are more however the above questions should lead to more questions if needed like how much memory you will need, what type of scanner you may need etc.

This questions work rather you are looking at a SAM4s cash register, or a commercial grade Sharp cash register. If you have any questions about buying your new register give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

Monday, February 04, 2013

SAM4s cash register support

We support SAM4s cash registers all over North America. Most register dealers made a transition into POS systems years a go and forgot all about cash registers and in most cases getting out of the register business. We did kind of the opposite we grew our POS business but also grew our cash register business until we started selling and supporting SAM4s cash registers all over North America. Many people are surprised to find that we sell SAM4s cash registers into Canada all the time!

We have service technicians that are experts on the current SAM4s line up as well as the older discontinued models. We can support SAM4s credit card interfaces with Datacap TwinTrans, PC POLL, SAM software, bar code scanning, kitchen printing and even kitchen video.

Many problems are really just a matter of support and instruction. Of course sometime you may have a broken machine that needs to be repaired and we can do that too.

We have been in business since 1972 and we look forward to working with you call us at 1-800-863-2274

Friday, February 01, 2013

Replace your cash register keyboard cover

When your keyboard cover gets cloudy and difficult to see through it is time for a new one. If you wait to long there will start to rip and leave your register unprotected.

Here are links to buy covers for the popular new models from SAM4s

Buy two so you have one to replace the old one and one on hand when you need it. And when you install a new cover you might as well print yourself a new keyboard overlay. If you wish to order via phone just call 1-800-863-2274