Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cash Register FAQ

Here is a online resource for Cash Register FAQ and Supplies

Sharp Cash Register Manuals

14 Sharp Cash Register Manuals have been posted for free here

Sharp Cash Register Programming Help

Most cash registers are easy to program, just a little different if you have never done it before. The Cash Register Guys have put some help on the net. Try here for the Sharp Cash Register ER-A320 here

There are also some register manuals posted as well

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Samsung ER-650 Cash Register Review

The Samsung (SAM4s) ER-650 is a great mid level cash drawer. Hands down one of the easiest programming machines on the market. Very cost effective.

  • Multi-Line LCD Display
  • Thermal Printer (one station)
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • Optional Credit Card Interface
  • Optional Computer Interface (2 software packages available)
  • Inexpensive optional memory


  • NO Kitchen printer Sharing bewteen machines.
  • NO Credit Card Interface sharing between machines
  • No guest Check sharing between machines
  • Only single station printer (no R/J) uses Electronic Journal
  • Medium size keyboard.
  • Can not expand past 2 serial ports so only two options can be used.

Sharp UP-700 Cash Register Review

The Sharp Electronic Cash Register UP-700 is a great commercial grade cash register. Here is a list of Pros:
  • Large Micro Motion Keyboard
  • Multi-Line LCD display makes programming and using easy
  • Fast dual station R/J Thermal Printer
  • Optional Credit Card Interface
  • Standard Inter-Register Communications
  • Ethernet Port
  • Window Buttons
  • Optional Computer Interface
  • Optional Gift Card Services
  • Optional Bar Code Scanner, coin changer, Liquor control, and more.

List of Cons:

  • Optional Memory is expensive

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tax Programming for the Sharp ER-A530 Cash Register

  1. Turn the mode lock key to the PGM position
  2. Press 2711 Press the . (Decimal Button)
  3. Press the @/For button
  4. Press 1 (for tax rate one, replace with tax rate you wish to program 1 - 4)
  5. Press the @/For Button
  6. Enter the Tax Rate 00.0000 (USE THE DECIMAL KEY. )
  7. Press the @/For Button
  8. Enter the lowest taxable amount. (In some states only amount above the minimum is taxable. So if in your state if anything over $0.50 is taxable you would enter 50, if everything over $0.01 is taxable enter 1)
  9. Press the Cash Key.
  10. Return the Mode Lock Key to the REG Position and test.

Here is an example of the keystrokes for programming tax rate 1 for 8.8% in the Sharp ER-A530 cash register with everything of $0.01 and up being taxable. Remember the key must be in program mode.2711 . @/for 1 @/For 8.8000 @/For 1 CashAnd again remember departments, PLU's,and/or UPC's must also be programmed to charge tax or not.