Friday, November 24, 2006

Sharp XE-A505 Cash Register

The Sharp XE-A505 has been released with a feature not found in many registers. It comes with computer interface software and a bar code scanner. Computer interface software can be added to most ofther machines at a cost of $450.00 to $900.00 and this machine with the software sells for about $450.00 Although it is not part of the commercial grade line of Sharp Cash Register it seems like an excellent value.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Feature Chart

You can find a feature chart on the Sharp ER-A320 posted here
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Features

Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Feature Chart

You can find a feature chart on the Sharp ER-A320 posted here
Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Features

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Samsung ER-380M Cash Register manual

The Cash Register Guys have added some new manuals for Samsung Cash Registers and SAM4s Cash Registers recently. They include:

Samsung ER-350
Samsung ER-380
Samsung ER-380M
SAM4s ER-390M

Get them at

Sharp XE-A101 Cash Register Manuals and more

Yesterday the Cash Register Guys added about ten Sharp Cash Register Manuals to the free download page. Models include the Sharp XE-A101, Sharp XE-A102, Sharp XE-A202, Sharp XE-A20S, Sharp XE-A401, Sharp XE-A402, Sharp XE-A403Sharp XE-A40S cash registers. Download at

Monday, October 02, 2006

Great Price for Samsung ER-5215

The Cash Register Guys have a great price on the Samsung ER-5215M cash register. They also have many cash register manuals available to download

Sharp ER-A320 Department Programming

Below is the Sharp ER-A320 Cash Register Department Key Programming. There are several different items that must be programmed concearning the department keys. Following is the most common and crucial.

To Program the Tax Status on a Sharp ER-A320 Register
  • Turn key to PGM
  • Enter 2111
  • Press . (Decimal)
  • Press the @/For button
  • Enter the number of the dept key you wish to program.
  • Press the @/For button
  • Now fiil in the ABCDEF from the following:
  • A = For a plus dept enter 0 For a minus enter 1
  • B = Enter Zero (always no choice)
  • C = Taxable by Tax Rate 4 enter 1 No enter 0
  • D = Taxable by Tax Rate 3 enter 1 no enter 0
  • E = Taxable by Tax Rate 2 Enter 1 no enter 0
  • F = Taxable by Tax Rate 1 enter 1 no enter 0
  • Press the #/TM/SBTL button
  • Press the CA/AT (Cash) button
  • Start over for the next dept.

So as an example to program department for a Plus dept taxable by Tax Rate 1 for ABCDEF you would have entered 000001
Or to program a department for a Plus dept taxable by tax rate 2 and tax rate 1 for ABCDEF you would have entered 000011
Make sure you turn the key back to REG before testing.
Please post a comment with questions


Monday, September 25, 2006

Sharp UP-700 Keyboard Template

Here is a link the a keyboard template for the Sharp UP-700 cash register. This template does work for a couple other Sharp Cash Registers as well.

Sharp ER-A320 Tax Programming

To program the tax rate on a Sharp ER-A320 follow these instructions:

  1. With the MA key turn the mode lock to PGM
  2. Enter 2711
  3. Press . (decimal)
  4. Press the @/For Key
  5. Press 1 (see notes below)
  6. Press @/For key
  7. Enter rate. Example if your rate is 8.8% you would enter 88000 as the register will place the decimal point.
  8. Press the @/For key
  9. Enter the lowest taxable amount. Example if all sales $0.01 and up are taxable you would enter 1 if however the minimum taxable amount is $0.25 then enter 25 in most places it is $0.01 and up.
  10. Press the CA/AT key (Cash Key)
    Check the print out to make sure the rate is correct.
  11. Make sure and turn the Mode Lock back to REG.

NOTES in step 5 I wrote to enter the number 1. The number 1 in this case is for tax rate 1, the Sharp ER-A320 is capable of 4 tax rates. So enter the number of the tax rate you wish to program. If you needed to program tax rate 3 then you would enter 3 in step 5. If you have to program multiple tax rates just start over after step 10

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sharp ER-2386S Tax Programming

The Sharp ER-2386S tax programming is pretty simple when you have a simple flat rate. Tax tables are a different story, but I don’t think anyone uses them any longer. The Sharp ER-2386S is capable of two tax rates, and yes many states and cities have several different rates. So here are the steps

  1. Turn the mode lock to PGM
  2. Enter 241
  3. press . (decimal)
  4. press 1 for tax rate 1 or 2 for tax rate 2
    press the @
  5. Enter the tax rate as 00.0000 so 8.8% would enter as 88000 or 7% would be 70000 DO NOT PRESS THE DECIMAL KEY, THE PROGRAMMING WILL ADD IT IN THE CORRECT PLACE
  6. Press the @
  7. Enter the lowest taxable amount ( I always use 1) so anything above $0.01 will be taxed if a taxable department. If you area is different enter the local minimum amount.
  8. Press Cash (CA/AT) to finish
  9. Repeat for tax 1 or 2 as needed.

Remember to return the key to the REG mode before trying.
Please post a comment if you are having problems
The Cash Register

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Samsung ER-380 Date Programming

Here is how to program the date in the Samsung ER-380. Very simple process:

Setting the Date
The date sequence is Month-Day-Year.
1. Turn the control lock to the PGM position.
2. Enter the date in the format you have selected and press the SUBTOTAL key:
M M D D Y Y @/FOR Subtotal


If the date is March 1, 1999, enter:
0 3 0 1 9 9 @/FOR Subtotal
The date you have entered will display and print on the printer:

Setting the Time
1. Turn the control lock to the PGM position.
2. Enter the hour and minute in military time (24 hour time) and press the @/FOR key:

Time Setting Example
If the time is 3:25 PM, enter:
1 5 2 5 @/FOR
The time you have entered will display and print on the printer:

Monday, September 11, 2006

More Free Cash Support

The Cash Register Guys has several good resources for free cash register help including a blog set up for free cash register support.

Check them out at

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cash Register to Computer Interface

Many customers of mine want to connect their Cash Register to a PC for reporting and programming. This can be done with most mid-line registers and up. Expect to pay at least $500.00 for the Cash Register and another $500 to $1000 for the software. The software is called Polling software. There are several different companies that make Polling Software. The biggest and best is PC Poll see them at PC Poll makes software for most every make and model of Sharp Cash Registers, Samsing Cash Registers and a few others. The advantage with PC Poll is that the have a Quick Books interface (optional) and with version 7 the can poll a couple models of cash registers with high speed internet.

Sharp Cash Registers

Sharp Cash Registers are some of the best made registers around. However sometimes that Samsung models have more value. Sharp has been the number one selling cash register in the US for years. This week a customer of mine placed a service call on a Sharp machine I sold her about 15 years ago. That business got more then their money worth from that machine.

If you are looking for a decent 10 department machine with impact printing with R/J I suggest the Sharp ER-A320 register. You can buy it online for $299.00

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thermal Printers vs. Impact Printers

We are always asked which is the better printer between thermal and impact. If you don't already know the differance Thermal Printers use heat sensitive paper and the printer creates the image with heat, impact printers are the old standard using bond paper and an ink ribbon or roller with the print being made by striking the ribbon against the paper with a series of small dot heads.

If I was choosing a register or POS printer I would take a thermal printer most every time. There are still applications where an impact printer is useful, for example a kitchen printer where two color print is needed. But for speed, ease of use, and duribilty a thermal printer can not be beaten.

The cost differance is not much between printers, but the offer all cost of ownership is much lower in a thermal printer. Thermal printer do not have the failure rate impact printers have, and the paper is much easier to change.

Oh but you might think thermal paper is to costly right? We yes you are going to have sticker schock the first time you but a case but there are a few things to remember about the price. The first being you do not have to buy ink ribbons, also there is almost always more feet per roll in a thermal roll compared to bond paper.

Hope that helps!


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