Monday, September 25, 2006

Sharp ER-A320 Tax Programming

To program the tax rate on a Sharp ER-A320 follow these instructions:

  1. With the MA key turn the mode lock to PGM
  2. Enter 2711
  3. Press . (decimal)
  4. Press the @/For Key
  5. Press 1 (see notes below)
  6. Press @/For key
  7. Enter rate. Example if your rate is 8.8% you would enter 88000 as the register will place the decimal point.
  8. Press the @/For key
  9. Enter the lowest taxable amount. Example if all sales $0.01 and up are taxable you would enter 1 if however the minimum taxable amount is $0.25 then enter 25 in most places it is $0.01 and up.
  10. Press the CA/AT key (Cash Key)
    Check the print out to make sure the rate is correct.
  11. Make sure and turn the Mode Lock back to REG.

NOTES in step 5 I wrote to enter the number 1. The number 1 in this case is for tax rate 1, the Sharp ER-A320 is capable of 4 tax rates. So enter the number of the tax rate you wish to program. If you needed to program tax rate 3 then you would enter 3 in step 5. If you have to program multiple tax rates just start over after step 10

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