Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sharp ER-A410 cash registers

Sharp ER-A410 cash register
Sharp ER-A410 cash register

The Sharp ER-A410 cash register has been a best seller now for quite awhile. Currently (July, 2013) however the Sharp ER-A410 cash register is on back order from the Sharp company. I have tried every distributor we know of in the US and everyone is sold out. Everyone we have spoken to regarding this problem claims that Sharp will have more in the US in mid to late September. Given this news should you need another ER-A410 in the short term you will either have to wait it out or switch to a different model or even a different make?

In the Sharp family there are a couple choices. The first is the Sharp ER-A347 cash register which comes out of the box with 20 departments, has both a receipt and journal printer and a nicer display than the ER-A420 register. The ER-A347 can not have a Datacap Twintran credit card interface like the A420. The A347 also used 2.25" thermal paper instead of 44mm thermal like the 420.

The next choice is the Sharp ER-A520 cash register, little larger then the A410, receipt and journal, standard 2 line display, large cash drawer and will interface with the Datacap Twin Tran.

You can also look at the SAM4s brand of cash registers which have lots of very popular models. Need help selecting a replacement model? call us at 1-800-863-2274

Thursday, July 18, 2013

SAM4s cash register programming

SAM4s cash registers
cash registers
Here is a site that has some free programming help for SAM4s cash registers. Right now they only have a few models listed but maybe adding more later? If you need live help that is also available for a fee. We can provide help changing tax rates, logo messages, department programming and much more. To arrange a support call you can call 1-800-863-2274 just remember we do charge for support

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SAM4s cash register keyboard templates

It is very easy to change the keyboard on your SAM4s cash register when you have a keyboard template. You can find SAM4s cash register keyboard template for download, which will allow you to change and re-print when ever you like or just when you make changes. Don't pay a cash register dealer big bucks for a print out and do it yourself.

If you can't find the model you need try printing one from a model that is close and see if it fits. You will be surprised how many keyboards are the same, however in case it does not print then you might be able to alter the template you downloaded.

Monday, July 15, 2013

SAM4s SPS-530RT cash register

SAM4s cash registers
SAM4s cash registers
The SAM4s SRP-530RT is one of the best selling cash registers on the market and why not with it's large 7" color touch screen, single station printer, optional Datacap credit card interface and more.

we have been installing these registers all over the country for quite awhile now and have been very happy with the results. They have been very durable and because they feature flash ROMS end-users have been able to update the firmware when required.

SAM4s cash registers still are leading the industry with cutting edge features and great prices. I have seen nothing from the other cash register manufactures to compete with it yet?