Friday, December 01, 2023

Low Cost Hybrid POS Cash Register system available from Optima


The Optima APOS-03 is a powerful system that affordable

When it comes to features and price you won't find a better value than this POS bundle. Users love the fact that this POS system is self contained and is pretty small. Features include a an integrated 8" Color Touch Screen, built in 3 1/8" thermal printer and enough I/O ports to connect to any type of peripheral you may need. The APOS-03 is powered by the Optima GoPOS Software that supports many different business applications like restaurants, retail store, convenience stores and many more. 

Business owners love the fact that with Optima, you buy the software and you own it! That's right no monthly software fees ever

In todays markets so many POS companies have shifted to a model that requires you to pay for the software system forever. Have you ever done the month on a typical system that requires you to pay monthly? I would urge you to check out the price of an Optima system and compare it to other popular systems on the market that require monthly payments forever. You can get this Optima APOS-03 Bundle as low as $899 and own it forever with no monthly software fees. Compare that to many on the market for $99.00 a month forever, just in three years you would have spent $3564.00 which is almost four times more than you could have bought the Optima system for.

You can accept credit card and gift card payments directly through the Opima APOS-03

With an interfaced pin pad you will be able to accept payments securely and quickly directly through the system. This will save your cashiers a lot of time and more importantly it is accurate and secure. Why would you want cashiers to have to re-enter the sale amount in a separate payment system when you can be integrated. Most business owners stopped doing that 10 years ago or more just because busy cashiers can make mistakes. Do you want a $19.95 sale to be re-entered into you separate credit card terminal as $1.95 because your cashier was just busy? If you don't think that has happened you are probably wrong, again this is why it is best practice to integrate payments whenever you can. Not to mention the transaction's are much more secure. call us at 800-863-2274 and of course check out the Optima APOS-03 bundle here

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Short Term Cash Register or POS rental


We offer Clover Mini and other POS or Cash Registers for short term rentals

If you are planning for an event and you need cash registers or POS for short term use then contact us to start your planning. Our rentals include shipping both ways (to you and back to us), complete programming, 24/7 support in most cases and flat rate credit card processing. 

Our event rentals come with credit card processing at a flat rate

This is particularly important today as so many events as cash less, however we have you covered either way. You may also appreciate that the Clover Mini terminal supports suggested tipping which may help you hiring cashiers! 

Get your order in soon as even rentals take time to plan and ship

You will want to give us a couple weeks lead time to get your rental ready, the system needs to be programmed, we need to set up your merchant account and allow time for shipping. Call us at 800-863-2274 or visit us at short term event POS rental  

Monday, December 12, 2022

Age Verification on the SAM4s SAP-630R


The SAM4s SAP-630R paired with a 2D bar code scanner are a great way to verify the age of a customer buying an age restricted item. 

Although there are two methods the 630R can do age verification (AV) the best method is to use a 2D bar code scanner. You can enter the age manually if you would like, however when using a scanner you remove the human error element. If you want the most secure way of checking the buyers age we suggest the scanner method every time, not to mention it is much faster that entering by hand. For more information call us at 800-863-2274 or of course on the web at cash register with age verification

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Another channel to purchase your SAM4s registers from


SAM4s registers now available at EZPOSNOW

Because of their popularity and being the best selling cash register system in North America EZPOSNOW has started selling  the SAM4s line of cash registers and POS systems, including the SAM4pos application. The reason for this is because this is a product that offers flexibility and is not locked into one credit card processor like so many POS systems today. Not to mention that SAM4s can serve so many verticals well like C-Stores, Restaurants, Smoke Shops and much much more.

Check out the new resource for all your point of sale needs at EZPOSNOW or call us at 800-863-2274

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

We have begun posting help videos for the SAM4s SAM4pos system


SAM4pos Technical Support now available online 

We have been deploying the SAM4pos products for several years now with hundreds if not thousands now being used in small businesses all over North America. While these systems are light years ahead of the legacy systems and we can log in remotely we felt creating a library of technical help would allow you access to support 24/7. You can find our channel with a playlist for support at Of course you can always contact us for support the old fashion way at 800-863-2274.

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Great price for a used cash register

Used SAM4s NR-510

Are you looking for a used SAM4s cash register?

If you are looking for a used cash register in great shape you can stop looking. We have four SAM4s NR-510 cash registers in great shape. These registers were used for only one week before they were returned for a bigger model. They include a six month warranty like a new register. For more information visit used SAM4s cash registers for sale. or call us at 800-863-2274

Monday, November 18, 2019

SAM4s SPS-500 series help videos

Free How To Videos for the SAM4s SPS-500 registers

The Cash Register Guys have posted for free a few self help video tutorials for troubleshooting this popular series of cash registers. The topics include logging on a cashier to changing the paper. Both the programming and operators manuals are also listed for free download.

Live Support for the SPS-520 and SPS-530 is Available

If you can't get the help you need from the videos you can also pay for support. We have technicians that can trouble shoot or help you configure any of the SAM4s cash registers for a fee. To arrange fee based support call 800-863-2274 or to visit the support library click the following SAM4s SPS-500 Video Helps Series.