Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Cash Registers on the Market

Cash Registers are seen as Old School by some people but they may want to re-think their view of this business staple. Yes Cash Registers can be cheap and not worth much more then a glorified cigar box! But that is not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about commercial grade machines that make running your business easier, faster, and maybe more profitable.

Yes, Cash Registers can help make your business more profitable. Still all these years after the Cash Register was invented it's primary purpose is still for security and helping stop the relentless thieves posing as cashiers steal from you! Yes I know that would never happen to you! I know I hear it every day and every time we show a business owner how a cashier has been stealing from them. You are different right? Your cashiers are like family right? Your cashier have been with you forever right! Well often they love you like family and have been there forever because of the lavish salary you have been paying them without your knowledge! Yes you have what we call silent partners! They partner in the cash in your register! However they are no where near when you risk everything you have to start the business!

How might a cash register help you stop theft? Well there are many simple steps you can take.
Here are just a few of the steps that almost every Cash Register Made can help you with.
  1. Pay attention to your Z counter. The Z counter is a consecutive number that prints every time your cash register is "Z'd" out for the day!
  2. Pay attention to the non-resettable grand totals, again printed with every Z.
  3. Turn off or take off the No Sale Feature of your Cash Register
  4. Set your register to not work with the cash drawer open
  5. If you can make your cashiers do a blind drop instead of letting them "Z" out the machine then do it. Let them "Z" a machine they make the cash match the "Z" and keep the rest!
  6. Look at and investigate your void totals from the "Z"
  7. Maybe eliminate the Void feature
  8. If you take Credit Cards then integrate your credit card payments into the cash register and get rid of your standalone credit card machines.

The list goes on and on but those are some of the tops things to keep in mind! My Dad and I have been in this business for over 50 years combined. If you are not being stolen from yet it is a matter of time not a matter of if.

For a selection of cash registers at great prices check this link to the Cash Register Guys.