Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The two new Sharp Cash Registers both are Cash Registers that interface to Quickbooks software. Yes they really do. Sharp has released them with what they call a Quickbook Transfer Tool. The register communicates to a computer with an SD card and from there into a programming/reporting tool that can be transferred to quickbooks. The two models are the ER-A247 and the ER-A347.

ER-A247 Cash Register from Sharp
Sharp ER-A247 Cash Register

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New SAM4s register released at last

SPS-345 Cash Register System
SAM4s SPS-340 Cash Register
The new SAM4s register has been released. This series includes 3 different models. The first is the SPS-320 which features a flat keyboard for food service and a single thermal printer. All of the 300 series registers feature an eight line LCD display making them very easy to use for the cashier and the manager/owner. The second in the line up is the SPS-340 which is the same as the 320 except if has both a thermal receipt and journal printer. Free PC Utility software is standard with the purchase of any of the three models. The third register in the series is the SPS-345 which is the retail store version of the series. The 345 includes a raised keyboard and both a thermal receipt and journal printers and works very well with bar code scanning.

Other standard features include SC Card Port, graphic logo, expandable serial ports and much more. This machine is based on the SAM4s ER-650 register system but with more features.