Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sharp Cash Registers

Sharp Cash Registers are some of the best made registers around. However sometimes that Samsung models have more value. Sharp has been the number one selling cash register in the US for years. This week a customer of mine placed a service call on a Sharp machine I sold her about 15 years ago. That business got more then their money worth from that machine.

If you are looking for a decent 10 department machine with impact printing with R/J I suggest the Sharp ER-A320 register. You can buy it online for $299.00


Unknown said...

I am looking for a manual; for a sharp ER 23865s cash register if you know if I can download one as I need to reprogram this one I am borrowing from a friend but has not manual. Thanks

Dave said...

Wendy, sorry but that machine is so old there was never a PDF made of the manual that I'm aware of. I don't even think I can order one from Sharp anymore. Good machine though and someone got there money's worth as that machine could be 10+ years old! When you need a new one don't forget to check out Cash Registers