Thursday, February 14, 2013

How do you connect your cash register to a credit card terminal?

All most all cash registers that can process credit cards directly use a device called a Datacap to do so. So what is a Datacap you may be asking?

The Datacap device such as a TwinTran enables almost any cash register with a serial interface to
authorize electronic payments via the Internet with automatic dial backup. The TwinTran uses a regular telephone line to provide redundant communica-tion with no intervention from the operator. Replacing cumbersome stand-beside terminals and eliminating the need for a PC to connect to the Inter-net, TwinTran frees up counter space, speeds customer throughput, reduces administration time, fights employee fraud and eliminates costly dedicated phone lines. TwinTran is interfaced to hundreds of embedded systems, in-cluding cash registers, kiosks, parking systems, car wash systems and vending machines, and supports major payment processors for credit, debit, check, gift and loyalty transactions.

Datacap devices support Multi-lane cash register configurations such as follows.
• Single ECR/POS with peripheral support for MSR, MICR, PIN pad
• Credit,Debit, EBT for a variety of merchant categories
• Gift/Prepaid/Loyalty programs support

Datacap devices work with:
  • SAM4s cash registers
  • Sharp cash registers (commercial grade only)
  • Casio Cash Registers
We can help you purchase and deploy a Datacap or if you already own one we can help you re-program it for another processor. Call us at 1-800-863-2274

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