Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What you need to know before buying a cash register

Here is a quick buyers guide to consider when buying a new cash register for a retail operation. Make a list of your answers to give to the company you end up calling to make sure you get the right register.

Questions to answer before buying a new cash register for a retail store.
  1. Do I need a receipt and journal or receipt only?
  2. How many departments/groups do I need?
  3. Will I use a bar code scanner or just key prices into open departments.
  4. If scanning how many UPC's will my register need to hold.
  5. How many tax rates do I need?
  6. Will I have more than one register in my store?
  7. Do I need to connect to a PC for any reason?
  8. Do I want to interface my cash register to a credit card terminal?
  9. Do I want to program the cash register myself or prefer a turnkey solution
So these are the basic questions to answer before you begin shopping. There are more however the above questions should lead to more questions if needed like how much memory you will need, what type of scanner you may need etc.

This questions work rather you are looking at a SAM4s cash register, or a commercial grade Sharp cash register. If you have any questions about buying your new register give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

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