Monday, February 25, 2013

Review of the Sharp ER-A530 cash register

sharp er-a530 cash register
Sharp ER-A530 cash register
Sharp makes quite a few commercial grade cash registers but a few really stand out from the rest. One of those stand outs is the Sharp ER-A530 cash register. Designed for food service the ER-A530 features a large flat keyboard with ample room for at least one hundred one touch menu items. This machine is equipped with a two station printer with both a receipt and journal printer. The receipt can be turned off and issued on demand if you would like.

Here are some other pros of the ER-A530
Here are a few things it does not have although Sharp makes larger models to address these needs
  • No IRC
  • Two line display instead of larger 8 line or touch display
The ER-A530 has a great price point and has proven to be a very durable model and should last for years if taken care off in a decent environment.

As far as ease of programming it is right in the middle of the road maybe leaning to harder then average. The reason a few other machines are easier is because they have a larger display then the ER-A530 allowing for more of a menu driven experience.

If you have any questions about this commercial Sharp cash register or another one please give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

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