Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best place to buy cash register keyboard covers

Keyboard covers are a great way to protect the investment you have made in your cash register. Here is a great place to buy your covers listed here for both Sharp and SAM4s machines

If they don't have you model listed you may want to give them a call. I know they have the popular Sharp models such as

  • Sharp ER-A320
  • Sharp ER-A330
  • Sharp ER-A247
  • Sharp ER-A347
  • Sharp ER-A420
  • Sharp UP-700
  • Many more Sharp registers as well
And they have even more for Samsung and SAM4s cash registers, following is just a few models they carry covers for
  • SAM4s ER-650
  • SAM4s ER-650R
  • SAM4s ER-5200
  • SAM4s ER-5200M
  • SAM4s SER-7000
  • SAM4s SER-7040
  • SAM4s SPS-520
  • SAM4s SPS-530
  • Many more SAM4s registers as well
Don't forget to change your keyboard covers which will protect your register and probably easier to see through!

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