Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Which cash register can you plug a standard keyboard into?

This is one of the unique features of the SAM4s SPS-500 series cash registers is that you can connect a windows keyboard to the cash register for programming. This little feature can save you a lot of time when you start programming your registers ALPHA for UPC's or menu items.

Also you can use the keyboard to enter customer names when using the delivery feature of the SPS-500 series, which is made up of the following models

Any of the registers can also interface to a computer if you would rather program that way with optional software. These really are the most complete cash registers on the market today with capabilities for credit card interface with the Datacap Twin Tran, bar code scanning interface, kitchen printer interface, inter register communications, DVR interface, massive memory upgrade option, graphic rear display option, interfaced scale option and more.

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