Monday, October 22, 2012

SAM4s SPS-2000 cash register or computer?

The SAM4s SPS-2000 is often confused for a computer POS terminal when it is really a sleek ROM based modular POS cash register system!

The SPS-2000 is a completely touch screen cash register. The SPS-2000 does not require additional software to run it is already built in. With the SPS-2000 you get the best of both the POS worlds and the cash register world. The cash register aspect of the machine brings you durability, stability, lower cost of ownership, not subject to viruses, not subject to employee playing video games on it and almost in every case will last much longer then a PC based system. From the POS world you get the ease of use of a touch screen, the training ability of a touch screen and the order accuracy of ordering with a touch screen.

The SPS-2000 does have optional back office software available however it really is an option and not required. The SPS-2000 has some great options that will speed up your staff and provide greater accuracy and less fraud like credit card interface with the Datacap Twin Tran, gift card interface, bar code scanning, cashier cards, interfaced scale, easy programming compared to other cash registers, kitchen video interface and many more.

Combine the SPS-2000 system with Mercury Payment System's high speed credit card and gift card interface and make more money than every before offering your own private label gift card program!

Before you buy an expensive touch scree POS system look at the SAM4s SPS-2000 system

SAM4s SPS-2000 System
SAM4s SPS-2000 Bundled with Cash Drawer and Printer

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