Friday, December 07, 2018

Clearing out the PLU not found Buffer on the SAM4s SPS-520RT register

This is one of the most common calls we receive. My register errors that memory is full. Unless your registers memory allocation was not set up properly this is probably not true. What is happening in most cases is you are adding UPC items using the PLU not found feature which is a great way to add them.

The error is misleading in this case. the memory that is full is the buffer holding the not found PLU's you just added. The maximum amount is 100 regardless of the amount of memory your register has on board.

Watch the video and we explain how to reset the buffer and get you back on track. Of course if you are not using the PLU not found feature to assist the programming of new items it can really indicate the memory has been filled. Even if that is the case don't panic, we can solve most of those cases too. Important thing to do in that case is nothing until you have spoken to an expert. We don't want you accidentally purging all the memory. For support for a fee call us at 800-863-2274, please don't call looking for free support as that is provided in the videos and other blog post. Support is chargeable unless you are under warranty or have a support plan. 

You can find many more self help videos and other resources for your SAM4s cash register here.

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