Sunday, December 09, 2018

SAM4s cash registers and Kitchen Video Systems

E-Pad kitchen video for SAM4s
Kitchen Video System for SAM4s
SAM4s end-users often contact us wanting to know if their SAM4s cash register works with a Kitchen Video system (KVS). The answer of course is yes most of them do. If you really want to amp up the production level of your operation think about adding a KVS to your SAM4s POS system. Adding a KVS adds unbeatable workflow to your kitchen. There is a reason the big franchises have been using KVS for a long time. The information a KVS system provides you with will really tell you in real time how good your kitchen is.

The E-Pad KVS system is flexible allowing you to customize your system. For an example many operators will put a screen and bump box at the grill and another at the drive through window and often another at the drink or ice cream station.

For more information about adding a kitchen video system to your SAM4s system call us at 800-863-2274 or visit our E-Pad Kitchen Video informational page.

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