Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Will the SAM4s Tabby POS system be the end of cash registers as we know them?

SAM4s Tabby point of sale system

SAM4s Tabby iPad POS system

The SAM4s Tabby POS system is a unique system that operates on standard tablets and the iPad but is not cloud based. Most of the tablet and iPad POS systems on the market are cloud based and you pay a monthly subscription rather then pay for it, which results in a much higher cost to operate. With the SAM4s Tabby you own it and you can use over the counter hand held portable devices from Android or iPad to operate your POS.

The SAM4s Tabby is brought to you by the same company that makes the country's best cash registers and they brought that experience into making the finest tablet POS system on the market.

One huge advantage of the Tabby system is scalability and potential growth . Because the Tabby is upgradable and not hardware dependent your system will always be able to be upgraded to have the latest and greatest features and functions in both hardware and software.

The SAM4s Tabby has not yet been released however is coming soon. For more details call us at 1-800-863-2274

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