Thursday, March 13, 2014

Programming the sales tax rate on the SAM4s SPS-530 cash register

SAM4s SPS-530 cash register

Programming Sales Taxes
The SPS-500 series cash registers provides calculation for up to six taxes. Tax calculation can be made by ADD ON percentage, by TAX TABLE, or by VAT(value-added tax). Provisions have been made for the Canadian Goods and Services tax (GST). If GST is to be taxable, you have the option of taxing the GST by other applicable rates (tax on tax). Use TAX 6 for GST applications.

1.  From thePGM mode PROGRAMMING MENU touch TAXESto view the TAX PROGRAMMING Screen.
2.  Touch the TYPE button to select ADD ON, TAX TABLE or VAT.
3.  Refer to the notes that follow to program each type of tax.
4.  Touch CLOSE to exit the program.

Our company can help you program the SAM4s SPS-530 cash register. If you bought from us we offer limited support for free, if you did not buy from us we can still help you at our normal rates. Call us at 1-800-863-2274 for pricing


Unknown said...


So my dad just bought sam4s Sps-530 so I'm not able to setup tax I don't know what to do I have try everything please help me out

Thank you

Dave said...

Jai, we offer support for the SAM4s SPS-530 cash register for a fee. We have several experts on staff here for that cash register. For more information you can contact us here Programming sales tax rate on the SAM4s SPS-530 cash register or call us directly at 1-800-863-2274 to arrange help programming your register for a fee.