Thursday, March 06, 2014

The SAM4s Tabby point of sale system is setting a new standard

SAM4s Tabby POS system

The SAM4s Tabby runs on any browser capable device regardless of operating system, including PCs, mobile devices or tablets. Because the SAM4s Tabby is not cloud based you will find it much more dependable then other tablet POS systems.

The SAM4s Tabby provides features similar to those found on sophisticated SAM4s electronic cash registers. Operation is simple; tablet savvy operators can be trained in minutes. The Tabby is also very easy to upgrade allowing your system to stay up to date with cutting edge features.

Program maintenance on the SAM4s Tabby is simple and intuitive. Add items or change prices in just a few touches from either the item option screens or from the item database.

The Tabby is affordable and powerful. Don't sign up for other systems that trap you into monthly payments or a particular credit card provider. The Tabby allows you to have the freedom to purchase the system and use the merchant services you would like.

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