Friday, May 02, 2008

Cash Register With Free Software

There are several Commercial Cash Registers available with Free Polling and Programming software. What is Polling and Programming Software you ask? Well Polling means that you can take reports from your cash register on your computer. So you Poll it! Programming is just what it sounds like, you can program the cash register with the software on your computer.

More often then not it is more trouble then it is worth to connect and use UNLESS you have lots of PLU's or UPC to program into the machine. In that case the software can save you hours of time programming. And one of the packgages allows you to import items which again can save you hours and hours!

Check out the following cash Registers that Integrate to a PC for Free

SAM4s ER-265 Cash Register with FREE Software

SAM4s ER-285 Cash Register with FREE Software

SAM4s ER-390 Cash Register with FREE Software

Sharp ER-A242 Cash Register With Free Software


Unknown said...

I have a cash register ER 390. I am trying to add more then 60 PLU items , I am not sure how to do that.

Can we subcategorise the items under different catagories.

Dave said...

After you fill the keyboard you will just use the PLU number to sell those higher than 60. For example your would press 61 and press the PLU function button. That will sell the item just as though it were on the keyboard. Yes you can attach PLU's to different groups to separate and report your sales. Restaurant POS systems in Seattle