Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cash Register with Integrated Credit Card

Many cash registers can Integrate Credit Card Payments with the use of a Datacap Product like the Twin Tran or the 162SL. We like to use the SAM4s or Sharp Cash Register when Interfacing to Credit Card. Most of the SAM4s and Sharp Cash Register Line Up can have Integrated Credit Card Payments.

One company offers the hardware at little to no cost when you process through them. And they offer a Free Gift Card program as well.

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Dave said...

Been a long time since I left that post about the Datacap devices. Some things have changed but not that much. The most common interface to Sharp cash registers and of course SAM4s cash registers is still the Datacap. The 162 model is no longer around and now it is the Twin Tran, the Dial Tran, and the IP Tran. The most popular is the Twin Tran without a doubt. All three of those models are available in multi-lane and signle lane with or without mag card reader.

If you need help selecting one or getting an existing one downloaded give us a call to talk pricing and what is available at 1-800-863-2274