Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taxable discounts on a cash register?

Common question we get on Sharp Cash Registers and SAM4s Cash Registers is how to make the total sales taxable after the discount. So as an example the business owner wants the cash register to charge sales tax after a discount like this $10.00 sale with a 10% discount and you want to tax $9.00 not $10.00

So you program the discount key to be taxable YES TAXABLE that was it reverses the tax that would have been charged. So if you have a 10% tax the sales tax on $10.00 would be $1.00 but you apply a discount of 10% that is taxable the discount will be $1.10 so your gross sale will be $9.90

Hope that helps! Works the same rather discount is based on percentage or dollar amount.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to program the Sam4s er-180T to take the discount off before figuring sales tax. In the manual (p 72) the -% key programming option 70 to try to accomplish this. When it asks to use the function key N1, N2, etc. how do I key in N1 before putting in the value. I assume that for N2 I use the "YES=1" to make the % taxable, so the discount will not be taxed at end.
Any suggestions?

Dave said...

N1 N2 N3 etc just refer to the value you need to enter. So example if open and taxable you would enter

70 Subtotal 11000 % Cash

11000 was N1 through N5

Make sense now? Also the example I just gave makes the discount taxable which I think is what you wanted. This way if a sale was for $10.00 and taxable and you gave a 10% discount the sale would be $9.00 plus tax not $10.00 plus tax less 10%.

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