Friday, January 07, 2011

Did your sales tax go up in 2011 and you need to reprogram your cash register

Many areas saw there sales tax increase with the start of the new year. Do you need to reprogram the sales tax of your cash register? Bet you don't remeber how huh? Is you local register dealer out of biz? Well the good news is there are several sites avaialble to help. Some help is free some is not. Should you require direct help over the phone the market price seems to be around $50.00 to have someone walk you through setting the tax rates on your cash register over the phone. Price is about $200.00 if someone needs to come on site and do the job.

Here are a couple resources that offer free manuals and even have some free programming help listed as well.
If you need more then downloads and self help info and require some help over the phone then try
Don't forget to bookmark these sites or take good notes as it is not the last time your will need to increase the sales tax rate!


Anonymous said...


I have a Sams er-285 and I did the programme download from the site
But when I try to do the download to the machine it give's the following message: plu pgm MFC application failure.
Can you help me?
My e-mail address is
Thanks and best regards,

Dave said...

Did you make your own cable or buy one? It will not work with an off the shelf cable from a office supply store btw. The cable pinouts are in the book.

Also you really do not want to download if your register is already programmed as that will send blank data to the machine unless of course you programmed in the software first? Most cases people will upload an existing register and then edit the program and download.

I'll run that error past one of my techs. If you bought the machine from us we will be able to offer you more help. If you did contact us directly and I'll be happy to help out. If for some reason you don't have the manual I think it is also posted at SAM4s Cash Registers

Anonymous said...


I have a sams4s er 5200m and a bixolon srp 275. How do I have to program the cash register to get it to print. I have grouped the items and programed it to print in the correct serial port. Do I need to do something in the s mode? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dave said...

There are quite a few things that need to be programmed for the KP to work, far to many to go into great detail. Also teh cable is very important and so are the DIP switch settings on the printer. This may be one where you hire on of our techs for 15 minutes over the phone and if your cable is good they will have you up and running in just a few minutes. SAM4s Cash Registers