Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who makes the best Cash Registers

So we get this question often about who makes the best Cash Registers. There is no one easy answer. However if you break it down a little more there are some clear winners.

If you ask who makes the best entry level cash register that has some features but is easy to program then I would have the say the SAM4s ER-650 and ER-650R is the best register on the market. It sells for under $800.00 in most cases (unprogrammed) and it without a doubt the easiest machine I have ever seen to program and use. Check it out here along with some other Cash Registers

If you are looking for a high end cashregister with a lot of features it is hard to beat the Sharp line of cash registers. They have a high end line up of the UP-600, UP-700, the new UP-820F, UP-810, and the UP-820N. All great cash registers with lots of features. These are higher end registers that you may need help to program. So click the following link to check the Sharp line up out as well as other Cash Registers


Rob Giljum said...

Hi. I have about a dozen ER-650's in use. I want to start using price levels. I allocated the memory. I set up the different prices for the different levels in each of my PLUs. I assigned the price levels functions to keys on the keyboard. All is good, except I want the price levels to be "Stay down" rather than "pop up after each item". I set this in System settings, but no matter what I do, all of the price levels act as if they are "pop up after each item" even though I have set it to "stay down" in the System Options. Any idea?

Dave said...

Page 148 in the system options.

That will take care of it.
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