Thursday, November 13, 2008

SAM4s Cash Registers

Strange name for a great line of cash registers. Some people still ask for Samsung Cash Registers and end up getting a SAM4s register. Well that is because they are one in the same. Several years ago Samsung for what ever reason decided to exit the cash register business. However for the years they were in the register business they never made the machines in the first place. They were always made by a company that I can't spell the name of! So this hard to spell and pronounce company continued to make the registers they had always made and develop new models and come up with a name to market them under. That name of course is SAM4s as you may have guessed by now. I have no idea what SAM4s means but they make a great cash register and they keep coming up with new exciting models of Electronic Cash Registers including registers with Touch Screens. So rest assured if you think you are buying a Samsung and you get a SAM4s you did get what you ordered.

SAM4s Cash Registers include:

SAM4s has a cash register for any type of restaurant from quick service restaurant to table service restaurant and everything in between. For retail they can handle the tiny gift shop to c-stores, liquor stores, all the way to small grocery stores.

Most Sam4s cash registers have options like integrated credit card, gift card, kitchen printer, kitchen video, computer interface, scale interface, bar code scanner, liquor dispenser, coin changer, DVR surveillance, and maybe a few more.

So remember Samsung Cash Registers and SAM4s cash registers are the same thing. strange name, great value.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. I'm very nice to meet your post for SAM4S. The company name that you don't know the name and pronouciation is 'Shin Heung'. And then SAM4S means "Four S!" - SPEEDY, SILENT, SMART, SILENT. One more~, pronunciation of SAM4S is [sam four-s]. It is combination words' pronoucing, which [sam] is very close to [sam-] of SAMSUNG and [four-s] is also close to POS[pos] in Korean. You know?, SAM4S products are made by Korea. - Now stange name becomes very interesting name, ha~ :-)

Dave said...

Thanks for letting us know! Although you said silent twice. Can you please fill us in on the 4th and final S.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my.. :-|
The last 'S' is Safe~!

Thank's your interesting for SAM4S' products.

Brian said...

I recently purchased a SAM4s SPS 2000. I'm having a couple small issues I need some help with. I've tried everything I can think of and can't figure these two things out.

We're using graphical table management which is working great. The issue I'm having is when I assign different seats and then pay the check seperately by seat number that transaction then doesn't show on the financial reports. It's not a part of the total sales and if they paid with cash or check or charge or whatever that transaction isn't included in the totals for those payment methods at the end of the day. It's like the transaction never happened if I use the screen you get by pressing subtotal and then seat # for payment. If I assign seats and cash out the whole check as one transaction not using the seat # screen then reports are fine but that defeats the purpose or paying by seat.

My next issue involved tax totals. Tax is being calculated and charged correctly however it appears that when a check is entered and saved in the tracking file that the tax that was collected for that transaction doesn't show up on the Tax1 total for the amount of tax collected. If I take my total tax 1 sales which is correct and multiply by tax rate its different from the Tax1 total. I've found the tickets that were saved in a tracking file and cashed out just aren't showing up in the tax 1 total. It's very odd.

Sorry to hijack your blog for this. I'm at a total loss and don't know where to turn. You seem knowledgeable on the registers and hoped maybe you could help or point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Dave said...

I’ve never heard of any issues when paying out using the Seat #.

What ROM version are you on? In version 3.00x a graphical split check function was added replacing the Seat # for splitting checks.

Sales tax is calculated on a per item/transaction basis and calculating by total sales won’t match due to rounding. It sounds like there is a larger discrepancy in the tax total than that though. If the transactions have been found, was tax charged? It’s possible to have a payment type or something like Eat-in/Take-Out exempt tax which would lead to that.

SAM4s SPS-2000

Brian said...

The version is 2.03kl. I'd like to update but can't figure out where to get the file. It seems you have to be a dealer to get access. Do you have any suggestions on that?

The issues are very odd. With the tax issue they tickets are collecting the correct amount of tax. If I Z out the register and then make a ticket and assign it to a table and save it, then pull it back up and cash it out I will see the issue. The actual ticket calculates and charges tax correctly. If I then run another Z it will have no TAX1 total at all, like there was no tax charged, even though there was. My TAX1 SALES total will be correct with the price of the item and tax in that total, but the total for just the tax is totally not there. At the end of the night the TAX1 total after all sales will be off by a lot. Way too low.

The seat issue is totally confusing as well. I had 2 tickets on Friday that were both assigned multiple seats. On one of them both seats paid with credit card and that transaction was actually included in the credit card total on the Z report. The other check was paid by 3 seats all with cash. Those did not show up at all. My cash in the drawer ended up being over by the exact amount of that ticket or all 3 seats on that ticket even though they were rang out with cash.

Last night we had a table that had 2 seats and one paid with Cash and one with Credit Card. Neither of those were included in the Z report. My credit cards were off by the amount of that payment and cash was off by the amount of that payment. In my testing yesterday running multiple transactions and Z reports this happened every time. If I Z out the register and then open a table, assign seats to items, then cash out using the seat # screen, I can then instantly run another Z and it's totally blank like no transactions have occurred.

I'm really thinking it might be a software bug and updating to the latest version could very well fix it. What do you think? And is there any way for me to get the software?

You can email me at if you'd like. Thanks so much for your help.

Dave said...

You can get the version from a dealer like me. We can provide if you were our customer or became a customer. We have an expert on staff for the SPS-2000 register that should be able to solve for you. Hard to say the cost as it could take a few hours with him to get everything done. Let us know if interested and we can provide our rates for hourly service.

SAM4s Cash Register

Unknown said...

Hello Dave I have bought a second hand sam4s cash register and it is displaying void mode when I press a key it says " warning PLU no data err" I have read the manual and I can't find anything thanks

Dave said...

John, probably the battery is dead. Leave it plugged in for at least 24 hours to allow it to charge (which it may not) and then you will probably have to perform a memory all clear. Battery may still be an issue if you lose power. That is probably all it is. You did not mention the model you have.

If that one does not recover and you still need a cash register we have all the latest models of SAM4s cash register with credit card interface or we also have support available for a fee that may get this used one going.