Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The SAM4s SPS-530F cash register is also a credit card machine

SAM4s SPS-530F with credit card interface

SAM4s SPS-530F with credit card interface

Make a new Year's resolution to stop throwing money away using a two part system of cash register and standalone credit card terminals. Modern cash registers can process credit cards directly without the need of a separate terminal.

SAM4s cash registers use an interface call Datacap which turns the cash register into a credit card terminal too. No longer will you have to ring up a sale and then move to a credit card terminal. This fact alone will save you time and more importantly force accuracy.

Do you have any idea how often a busy clerk will turn a sale for $19.99 into $9.99 when entering a sale into a credit card machine. I think you will be surprised if you take the time to audit between your cash register and credit card terminal.

Yes it cost a bit more to interface the two together but I think you will find the pay back to be very quick and you will soon start making more money as a result of the interface.

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