Thursday, January 16, 2014

Should you interface your cash register with credit card payments?

I read a great article this morning about a customer being over charged by $1600.00 at a breakfast house restaurant. Of course the error was found and fixed after several days and with a lot of bad publicity.

If this restaurant would have had their cash register interfaced to the credit card machine this error probably would have never happened. When you integrate the two you eliminate the need to re-enter the sale into the credit card machine where so many errors occur.

Now in this case the error was found quickly because it was so large. Also when a customer is overcharged they are more likely to point it out maybe even days or weeks later when they receive their statements. What happens when they are undercharged? Most say nothing at all and you lose money! Don't let this happen any longer, interface your cash register to credit card payments!

There are two lines of cash registers that are also credit card machines and they are SAM4s and Sharp both making a wide variety of machines for every type of business.

Here is the story in the news, you should check it out yourself

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