Monday, March 05, 2012

SAM4s ER-920 review

The SAM4s ER-920 is a new model in the 900 series. At first glance we really like it for a few reasons. First it features a nice large flat keyboard designed for restaurants. Second it includes an SD card port standard. SAM4s Cash Registers are one of the first to start including an SD card port in commercial grade cash registers. This feature alone has the abilty to save end-users hundreds of dollars should reprogramming ever be required not to mention the firmware of the register can be upgraded with this feature. Free software is also available with this register however we still prefer to program directly on the register in most cases but the option is there for you. This register has a few more of our favorite high end features such as integrated credit card and gift card option. Couple minor things in the negitive column which are not an issue for most of us. First this machine can have a maximum amount of 2000 PLU's and does not include IRC again features that will not affect most users and of course SAM4s makes several models that would handle those needs.


Steve said...

I just bought an ER-920 and am trying to program sales tax. The manual refers to "tax shift" buttons which I do not see on my keyboard.
How do I program my 6% sales tax??

Dave said...

There is a miss print in the manual follpow the directions as in the manual where you enter the rate with decimal then 00 as the manual says then press 1 then TAX 1 on the keyboard not Tas Shift 1 then CASH That should do it.

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Unknown said...

I also have the 920 and was able to program the tax 1 (local rate). Now I need to program tax 2 but there is no tax 2 button for that. Do I need to set up one of the function keys to be tax 2 and if so which one works best for that?

Dave said...

Jessy yes you will need to place the tax 2 shift button on the keyboard in order to program tax rate 2. Pretty easy program to do that and sounds like you have the programming figured out pretty well.

SAM4s ER-920 cash register

Unknown said...

Hello, I bought the er920 last week. I've been able to PGM most of the keys. I put in training mode for the REG function, but the code in the manual to exit training mode doesn't work. Any ideas??

Dave said...

Are you doing the system option programming option 23 set to zero? If so maybe you are in middle of transaction? You could also do an init clear to exit if you had to?

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