Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cash Register Features

In 2011 we saw several cash registers come onto the market and in 2012 we should see a few more. We are very happy to see a few developments with the new releases from SAM4s. First and foremost every new product they released is now coming with an SD card port for backing up programs, upgrading ROM, and taking reports. Do not forget to invest a couple bucks and buy yourself an SD card to back up your register program! Second thing we like is that SAM4s came out with two of each model, one with a receipt only and a second one with a receipt and journal! Several of their older models had only a receipt which is fine for most operators however it did force a few people to buy more register than needed to get that receipt. You will see the 900 series was release with both choices of a receipt or receipt and journal. Lastly almost every SAM4s now comes with Free Utility Software that allows you to program the register from a PC if you want to. Check out the new 900 series already released and the soon to be release SAM4s 300 series.

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