Sunday, November 18, 2018

Backing up your SAM4s cash register Data

Most of the SAM4s cash registers on the market today can have their data backed up in several methods. If the model begins with SPS like for example the SAM4s SPS-2000 or SPS-520 the register can be backed up to a SD card, flash rom or computer. If the model begins with ER that there is a good chance that the register will have an SD card slot as well as a RS232 port to connect to a PC.

Almost all of the SAM4s cash registers sold in the last five years also come with free utility software that allows you to not only back up your register but program it too. That same software may also allow you to import files into the software for download into the register.

Sadly many cash register dealers won't give you the software when you buy the register. That is ridiculous as it is provided for free by SAM4s. If your dealer did not give you the software check out our resource page for the SAM4s cash register models and you may locate a free download of the software.

If not contact the dealer you bought it from and demand they give you the software. It cost them nothing and should have been included in the purchase.

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