Friday, December 06, 2013

Understanding how to reprogram a Datacap Twin Tran

Datacap Twin Tran and how it works
Datacap Twin Tran Flow Chart
Most cash registers that interface to credit card payments use a Datacap Twin Tran, IPTran, or Dial Tran. If you need to have your new merchant services programmed into your Datacap we can help. First you will need to decide on which merchant services company you want to go with. We have several good companies we work with all the time if you need a reference. If you already know who you are going to use you can call us with a couple pieces of information.

  • The Serial Number of the Datacap Twin Tran (or Tran product you have)
  • The Var Sheet from your merchant services
  • Make and model of cash register you will be connecting to
  • How many cash registers you will be connecting to.
There are a few things we will need answered in order to process the order and get your Datacap reprogrammed. Here are some things that should be answered

  • Do you accept Tips?
  • Do you accept EBT
  • Do you accept PIN based debit transactions?
All these items are very important when selecting the platform your Datacap device should be programmed with.

Now a few environmental issues to figure out

  • Do you want to use a High Speed IP connection
  • Do you want to use a dial up connection
  • Would you like to use both?
  • If IP can you run a patch cable from Datacap device to router?
If you need help navigating the steps of installing a Datacap TwinTran on your cash register we can help. We can even help connecting you to a merchant processor that will supply you with a low cost Datacap if you need one. Give us a call at 1-800-863-2274


Unknown said...

I am an ISO, selling First Data's services. I have a merchant prospect, that was referred to me, by one of my long-time merchants. This merchant prospect utilizes several Sam4S-2000 units, with a Datacap TwinTran, at two locations. At one location, the merchant owns the Datacap TwinTran Device; while the other was placed on a month-to-month basis, at a monthly cost of $15.
Our company has elected to give to this merchant, a free Datacap TwinTran device; which will be fully configured by Datacap, for our company. However, it MUST be installed by a certified vendor. The problem that the merchant prospect has, is that the vendors he has called, wants a lot of money to perform the simple task of Verifying the Unique Device ID and Run a Test Transaction.
Can YOU assist ME, via telephone communications, towards setting up these devices, to a multi-lane setup?

Dave said...

Gary, yes we can help you with that. Do you wish to install an EMV ready Datacap or the old standard one. Even if you do not go with EMV readers at this time you should at least use an EMV ready Datacap in case you ever wish to upgrade.

Are you needing to purchase the new Datacap or does your company have a placement agreement with Datacap.

Should everything be straight forward as you laid it out we would probably charge $220.00 for a simple switch over. If lots of programming etc or going to EMV readers it would be more.

You can call me at 800-863-2274 asd for Dave Jr. Please remember we are in the Pacific Time Zone

Is your Is your SAM4s cash register EMV ready