Thursday, September 05, 2013

Cash registers with credit card readers

We continue to experience great success installing SAM4s cash registers with credit card readers built in. When the SAM4s cash register is combined with the Datacap Twin Tran or other Datacap product turns your system into a complete solution saving you time and money.

Most of the SAM4s registers will interface to credit card payments as well as gift cards. The question we also get is will the SAM4s process with Brand X processor like First Data, Chase, or other big brand names. The simple answer is yes in every case I have seen in the last 5 years we can interface with all the major networks.

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Danielle said...

Hi! So I have a question about a sam 4s er 5200 register. I want to change some of the PLU keys to be taxable. All keys are currently tax free as all items on there are currently non taxable. How do I program an individual key to be taxable so I no longer have to type the price in manually to tax it? I've been reading the manual but I just get more confused! Thanks!

Dave said...

Danielle, first you need to set your tax rate. Pretty easy to enter a flat sales tax rate. Key to P enter rate with the decimal enter so for example for 7.5% sales tax rate

enter 7.50000 press Tax Shift 1 press cash.

Make sure you enter the same amount of digits I have in example.

Then you must make your PLU's taxable which is done in PLU status programming AKA job 100 and in my book it is on page 99.

That will do it!

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Danielle said...

Thanks so much for your help!

Danielle said...

I just have one more question. I am going to be programming a second register as a backup. I have pretty much figured everything out from the manual except one thing. When entering in a price numerically on the keypad we currently have two buttons to either make this amount taxable or non taxable. Where in the manual to I find out how to program those two keys in? I am not sure exactly what they would be called so I might just be overlooking it. Thanks again!

Dave said...

Hmmn not sure I understand the question. I think you are describing setting up a few departments or groups? If on the 5200M you may just want to program a couple PLU's as open and one taxable and one non-taxable. The PLU's can be set up open or pre-set, taxable or non-taxable and of course you can add a descriptor.

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