Thursday, January 17, 2013

SAM4s ER-920 review

SAM4s ER-920 Cash Register

The SAM4s ER-920 is a great entry level cash register for restaurants. It is based on the same firmward as the popular workhorse the SAM4s ER-5200M which is still available. Several improvments were made however. The first improvment is the SAM4s ER-920 is that they included a SD card port, which is in important for two huge reasons. The first reason is it allows you to back up your cash register program even if you don't connect it to a PC. Second it allows you to upgrade the ROM version of the register so as SAM4s makes improvments you can upgrade your cash register to keep current. They also include free programming software if you want to program your register on the PC, this software does not include reporting. This machine is only available in black however they have a version with two printers if you would like a journal tape which is the SAM4s ER-940 The entire 900 series has optional credit card and gift card interface available by using a Datacap Twintran.

I would give this machine 4 out of 5 stars. The reason I'm not giving 5 stars is the memory is fixed and not expandable. For restaurants this is not a big problem however keep that in mind when selecting your register.


Anonymous said...

My er920 will not accept tax rates. It says i am out of sequence. Any help would be appreciated.

Dave said...

Well the good news is that the error you are getting is just a general error saying you are entering something wrong. That register can have 4 tax rates so unless you are trying to do more than that it should work. Make sure you are not in the middle of a sale, if not turn the key back to program and start again. If you are a cusomter of The Cash Register Guys you could call me and I'll walk you through it.

SAM4s ER-920 cash register