Monday, September 17, 2012

Selecting a Cash Register

When selecting a cash register there are a a minimum of ten important questions you should answer before beginning your search.
  1. Do I need a receipt and journal?
  2. How many departments do I need?
  3. How many sales tax rates to I need to charge/track?
  4. Do I want to use a bar code scanner?
  5. What style keyboard do I want? Restaurant style flat or retail style raised?
  6. Do I need one register or multiple?
  7. Do I need integrated credit card / gift card?
  8. Do I want to program on my own or have it done?
  9. Do I need a commercial grade cash register or a consumer grade register?
  10. Do I want to track inventory or just sales?
There are of course many more questions but answering the above will get you started in selecting the correct type of register. We will try to address each of these questions over the next couple weeks on the blog.

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