Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easy to use and low cost cash registers

SAM4s has two new cash registers on the market. Both are entry level and cost effective. Both include the basic cash register features the average business needs. The two models at the SAM4s ER-180 and SAM4s ER-180T cash registers. One uses thermal paper one uses bond and they have some minor differances but are very close in most regards.

SAM4s ER-180T Cash Register


Chris Pender said...

Just received our new ER-180T and noticed the AA battery compartment has no contacts installed to keep the batteries from floating around. The manual shows nothing about battery compartment. Also cannot proceed with programming because EO1 code pops up with loud continous beep when you push any of the programming sequences stated in manual.

Dave said...

Chris did you buy this from us? I can look into this on Monday when back in the office. SAM4s ER-180T Cash Register

Dave said...

OK the 180T has a battery well but no need for batteries. The 180 does require batteries and it is the same case without the contacts. So other then confusing the end user that battery compartment on the 180T is useless.

SAM4s ER-180T Cash Register

amin jiwan said...

I need to programme my new sam4s 5200m as regard to plu with tax.please assist.

Dave said...

It is quite simple first you program a Tax Rate and the SAM4s ER-5200M is capable of 4 different tax rates. Then after a tax rate has been programming you then program your PLU's to be taxable or non-taxable.

SAM4s ER-5200M Cash Register

Anonymous said...

Hello...I want to delete an amount i put on a reciept after it went through. I pushed return button then the amount then the department then charge button....the amount did not come off the grand do i fix this thanks. on the ER-180T Regards Robert

Dave said...

Sure that is done in the void mode

Void Position Operations
You can use the VOID control lock position to correct any complete transaction. To correct
any transaction:
1. Turn the control lock to the VOID position.
2.Enter the transaction you wish to correct exactly as it was entered originally in the REG control lock position. You can
enter discounts, voids, returns, tax exemptions or any other function.
3. All totals and counters are corrected as if the original transaction did not take place

SAM4s SPS-500 series cash registes