Friday, October 22, 2010

SAM4s ER-265 Cash Register
 The SAM4s ER-265 Cash Register is loaded with features and in it’s price range is a great value.

This is a great little machine. I do not recommend where you will be doing a large amount of 10 key entry because of the flat restaurant style keyboard. If you use preset buttons it is a killer machine! Very small and low profile. If you have a busy liquor store or gas station probably not the machine and you should step up a few models.

I see this machine working best in counter service restaurant, Bars, Night Clubs, Snack Bars, fairs, sports arenas and more. Best place to buy the SAM4s ER-265 Cash Register

Flat, Spill-Resistant Keyboard

Fast Thermal Printer

15 Department Keys

1,000 PLUs

Automatic Tax Calculation

Real Time Clock – Hourly Sales Reporting

Financial and Cash In Drawer Reports

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