Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What does the RA button on my cash register do?

The "RA" button on your cash register is a feature that allows you to receive and account for payments without increasing your sales. RA stands for "Received on Account" and is used when customers are making a payment against their account or balance with the store NOT for a purchase.

Let's say you allow customers to charge purchases to a house account. They come in to make a $50.00 payment on their account not buy $50.00 worth of goods. You would use the "RA" feature which will account for the $50.00 in the cash register and whatever media was used to pay (CASH, Check, Charge) but will not increase your sales.

Your sales were increased the first time when they actually bought the items they charged. If you going to operate this way you will need a payment key for house charge. When your customers buy something to be charged you pay it off to a house account/charge payment key. Your sales will be increased on that day but not your cash, check or credit card payments.

Some RA FAQ's

  1. Do not register sales with the RA button, it won't work, it won't tax, it won't report to a department.
  2. Most cash registers can use any media you accept using the RA function
  3. You can't use the RA function during a sale.
  4. Your cash register may or may not be able to be put under manager control.
  5. The RA function DOES not keep customer balances.
Please keep in mind the "RA" function is simply for tracking media coming into your cash register with making a sale. It does not track a customers balance, account number etc!

Almost every cash register including entry level registers have the RA function. All SAM4s cash registers I'm familiar with have one as well as all the Sharp cash registers I've worked with.

Hope that helps

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