Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cash register programming

We are always asked if this cash register (insert model here) is easy to program and we answer each time the same way. "Easy is a subjective term" To some it is to some it is not. This answer is the same regardless of make of cash register as it applies evenly to all registers.

Some innovations have made the task of programming a cash register less difficult such has multi line displays, programming wizards, PC interface, SD card ports etc. The biggest factor of making a machine easier (or less hard) to program however remains the screen. The cash registers with larger multi line screens are the least difficult to program I'm not talking about the standard 2 line LED or LCD display we are talking 8 lines or better.

Why is a multi line display a great tool for programming cash registers? Well because it allows a more menu driven format where you are often answering questions and filling in the blanks. This format also allows you to program multiple aspects of an item all in the same screen. Most cash register with screens allow you to set the name, price, tax status, department link and more all from the same simple screen. An older cash register would make you use a program code for each of those functions.

A multi line display also make cash register credit card interfaces possible to make your system even more efficient.

Another feature that cash registers are finally rolling out of the factory with is an SD card port and flash ROM. The SD card port allows you to back up you cash register program, transfer programming to another register (same make and model) and on some download sales reports.

Cash registers are just starting to come out with USB ports and that should really help their ability to connect to a computer.

Both SAM4s cash registers and also some Sharp cash registers have machine with multi-line displays however SAM4s has many more of them in their product line up.

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