Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What does the PO key on a cash register do?

The button on your cash register labeled "PO" is for a function called Paid Out. It is a function on your cash register that will allow you to pay a vendor for example for a delivery right from the cash register. This function will allow you to remove cash from the drawer so it will balance however it does not lower your sales, just the cash amount.

So if you had $200.00 in sales and collected those sales in payments of $100.00 cash, $50.00 credit card, $50.00 check and you had a "Paid Out" of $50.00 your cash register report would be something like this.

Dept. 1 Sales $25.00
Dept. 2 Sales $50.00
Dept. 3 Sales $25.00
Dept. 4 Sales $75.00
Dept. 5 Sales $25.00

Total Sales $200.00

Cash   = $100.00
Credit = $50.00
Check = $50.00

Total  = $200.00

PO = $50.00

Cash in Drawer = $150.00

So as you can see the sales totals were correct, the media totals were correct and than the register adjusted the "Cash in Drawer" to account for the $50.00 paid out.

Few more PO Function FAQ's

1. No you can't perform a PO without it recording
2. You can't do a PO in the middle of a sale
3. Most cash registers will only perform a PO to cash and not other media types
4. Some registers can put the PO function under  manager control. (most simple ones can't)
5. On some registers you can disable PO on some to disable you would have to remove button if possible.

Almost every cash register make and model include a PO feature. It is probably on every SAM4s cash register and Sharp cash register on the market. Seldom used feature but a great one if you need it!

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