Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Can I take credit card directly on my cash register?

When you are able to take credit cards directly on your cash register you accomplish several different things that are all good for your business. First of all is speed, it is much faster to check out a customer when you are not doing double entry of the total into a standalone credit card terminal. Second is accuracy, since you no longer have to double enter your sales total into the credit card machine you will stop making those ten key mistakes that are killing you! You know the ones where $19.99 turns into $9.99! And third it really helps stop or reduce fraud, now the cashier will have to ring up a customer sale completely before that can run a credit card. This is important because a stealing cashier will ring up a cash sale and than not ring up a sale of the same amount with a credit card however they do run the card through the credit card machine. Than the cashier takes that amount of cash out of the drawer for themselves and your register is going to balance! I bet this is all happening in your store right now and you have no idea! If not now it will as it is a matter of when not if!

There are lots of cash registers with built in credit card interface. The interface turns the register into a credit card machines and accomplishes everything I described above. We work with companies all over North America from our Cash Register Store in Seattle. Call us at 1-800-863-2274

We offer complete systems from SAM4s cash registers and of course Sharp cash registers. Makes no difference where you are we can help from Washington State to New York!

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