Thursday, January 23, 2014

SAM4s Cash Register USB adapters

Most cash registers still utilize a serial port to communicate to a computer. Most computers no longer include a serial port. The solution is a tried and tested USB to serial adapter which we offer. There are many adapters on the market and the price ranges all over the place. We tested many adapters and settled on one that worked each time for us in the shop and now deployed all over North America. We also offer serial cables for SAM4s cash registers too as you will need both to connect to most computers.

SAM4s cash registers work with several different software packages that could require a USB to serial adapter. Most have the free PC utility that allows programming but no reporting. Then there are the SAM products that offer programming and reporting. The final and maybe best choice is PC Poll which works across many different makes and models. In house our staff uses PC Poll with great results.

Click here to find USB Adapter for SAM4s cash registers and also serial cables for the same.

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