Thursday, January 30, 2014

Picking the right cash register

SAM4s cash register
Cash Register

When you go to buy a cash register make sure you get what you need. Your best chance at ensuring a successful purchase that will serve you well is to visit or call a cash register dealer.

There are many cash registers on the market however there are two major divisions in most register companies. Often they will offer a consumer grade line via the mass merchandise markets like Office Depot, or Costco and then they will offer a commercial grade line through independent cash register dealers.

The consumer grade lines are typically smaller less heavy duty machines often with great features. They have their place in the world of course. The problem is in most cases they won't handle a  store that receives a lot of volume and lack security features. when you require support of programming changes you are at the mercy of a large corporations 800 number to a support abyss. Believe me we hear from people all the time telling us they were on hold for 30 minutes and received no help at all.

The commercial grade machines are sold by independent dealers like our company. The machines are heavy duty and lean to security and reporting features. You also will have access to people that know how to train you on them and program them. That training and programming may or may not be included in the price, you may have to pay for the support however it will be available.

So be careful and call around. Make sure the company you buy from knows what they are talking about. Do they know cash registers? Do they know how they work? Or are they just selling everything under the sun?

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