Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Back up your cash register Data

It is a sad story we hear nearly every day, goes something like this "my old cash register blew up and we had 12,000 UPC's programmed into it, can you sell me a new cash register and restore the program. Sure we reply as long as you backed it up. Back up? How do you back up a cash register?

Well needless to say they don't have a back up and now they may be out 20 to 40 of hours re-programming thousands of items. There are ways to avoid this even with older cash registers. Most SAM4s and Sharp commercial grade cash registers can connect to a PC. You invest in the software connect to the register and save your data.

For software for the average cash register it will cost you about $650.00 to $1000.00 to accomplish this if an older machine. However it is still a small investment compared to re-doing years of work. Newer machines from SAM4s cash registers come with a free utility program that allow you to back up and maintain your UPC data. All you have to buy is a serial cable and a USB to Serial convertor if needed.

Don't set yourself up to make that call! Either buy a new cash register with the ability to back up on a on board SD card slot or a PC!. All of the newer SAM4s registers have a SD card port as well as the free software utility.

If you are trying to figure out which register is for you please call us at 1-800-863-2274

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