Thursday, April 18, 2013

SAM4s ER-650 cash register

SAm4s ER-650 cash register

SAM4s ER-650 Cash Register

So at long last the SAM4s ER-650 cash register is gone....or is it? Officially the ER-650 has been discontinued and the factory has no more. Because the popularity of this machine we know it will still be in demand for a couple more years. So to fill that need we have bought quite a few of it's sister model the ER-650R, which is the same machine with a raised keyboard. Now we are turning the ER-650R into the model 650 by replacing the keyboard with the flat keyboard and changing the chip set on the main board. The case will say 650R however the machine will be a 650 so we are calling it the ER-650 modified.

We have quite a few of these available and could even build with whatever ROM version you needed to match your existing machines if needed. If you are looking for one of these machine give us a call at 1-800-863-2274

These machines will interface with credit card and gift card with the Datacap Twin Tran for a complete POS system. We of course sell the replacement for this machine the SAM4s SPS-300 series cash registers as well.

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