Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commercial Grade Cash Registers

There are two great brands of commercial grade cash registers and they are SAM4s and Sharp. Both of these companies make cash registers designed for medium and higher volume stores and restaurants. In today's sluggish economy it is even more important then ever to maximise your profit and cut cost. Well cutting cost on your cash register system may save you a few bucks but it will cost you in profit. Why you ask? Well because a good cash register will do the following

  • Increase customer through put. You make a customer wait in line to long and they don't come back or the leave in the first place.
  • Commercial grade registers are capable of four sales tax rates. You may only have one today but revenue hungry states, counties and cities keep inventing new sales tax rates. You could end up charging two or maybe four rates in one transaction!
  • Interface credit card payments with your cash register reduces fraud, stops expensive ten key errors and speeds up lines!
  • A good cash register will produce detailed sales reports daily and monthly saving you expensive time compiling reports for sales taxes etc.
There are a lot more reason but those are some of the top. Here is a good place to buy a Sharp cash register however you should make sure and check out the SAM4s Cash Registers before you buy any of them. Need help then give us a call 1-800-863-2274

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