Friday, April 12, 2013

Picking the right cash register

Make sure when you are looking for a new cash register that you think about service after the sale. I find the average life span for a good cash register 5 to  7 years depending on the working environment (That does not mean they all last 5 year plus) and I have seen many last 10+ no problem.

Your new register is something you will have for a long time over many different sales tax increases, numerous employees and managers. If you walk into a big box store and buy a register who is going to help you with it in the future? Every day I have people calling me to change a tax rate on a cheap cash register they bought at the big box store and they want me to tell them how to change the tax rate for free! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, call the big box store you bought it from. So if support is important then buy from a real cash register dealer like us who supports the registers they sell and often at no cost (not all services and support is free anywhere)

There are only three commercial grade cash register brands in the US and probably Canada too. They are SAM4s, Sharp and Casio. Of those our favorite is SAM4s because of price and features, followed by Sharp and lastly Casio.

All three of the big three manufactures offer cash registers that interface to credit card payments with the Datacap Twin Tran, DVR, Kitchen Printers, PC's and more.

Give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 if you need help selecting and buying a new SAM4s cash register.

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