Thursday, August 14, 2014

SAM4s cash registers have the features and prices you are looking for

With the Sharp line of cash registers in decline the SAM4s company continues to dominate the cash register industry. In my opinion this is a great things because SAM4s has been coming out with great features at reasonable prices for some time now.

They have a register for every type of business. Rather you have a food service business or a retail establishment there is a SAM4s cash register for you.

The SAM4s SPS-530F is one of the best restaurant cash register on the market with a 7" color touch screen partnered with a traditional flat keyboard. This register can handle all types of restaurants from table service to counter service, casual dining. sports bars and more.

While the SAM4s 530R is one of the most popular cash registers for retail because it can handle 60K UPC's and features optional barcode scanning, PC interface and much more.

Both of these two machines can also use the Datacap TwinTran which interfaces cash registers and credit card transactions.

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