Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sharp ER-A347 pros and cons

Sharp ER-A347
Sharp ER-A347
The Sharp ER-A347 cash register is a fresh new design for Sharp. At first glance it is very sleek looking and has a beautiful operator display.

Looking further the first thing that I became a little worried over is the fact it does not have a key or a mode lock (it does for cash drawer). After digging into how it works my fears we resolved and the model button works great and you can still have a level of security.

Some things I really like about the ER-A347 that you won't find in other low cost registers
  • The multi line LCD display make programming and reporting much better compared to other registers. Also make the cashier's job easier because they can see the sale and subtotal on the display as they ring items in.
  • This register has an SD card port allowing for back up and saving program
  • You can use the SD card to take the register data to a PC and even interface into Quick  Books
  • Department shift keys are nice to allow so many departments on the keyboard
  • Features traditional receipt and journal
  • Optional Credit Card interface (also see notes in the CON list too)
OK here is the CON list
  • Although it has a credit card interface it is not the traditional credit card interface cash registers have been using for 5+ years using the Datacap. This register interfaces with a standard style credit card terminal and still requires using both the register and the terminal.
  • The PC interface is only through the use of the SD card instead of a direct connection. Keep in mind in most small machines people don't use this feature anyhow but if you do you may not like it.

Overall I like this machine, it is easy to program, lots of useful features and great price. If you would like to order this register call us at 1-800-863-2274

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