Monday, February 11, 2013

SAM4s SPS-320 cash register review

The SAM4s SPS-320 is a welcome new release to the SAM4s line up of powerful registers. The SPS-300 series is replacing the popular SAM4s ER-650 with some great new features. The first huge improvement started in creating a series instead of two models like the 650 and the 650R which had some big limits. The 300 series includes models with flat keyboards and raised but also with receipt only and receipt and journal models. The series is made up of the following:
  • SAM4s SPS-320 with flat keyboard and single printer
  • SAM4s 340 Flat Keyboard and dual printers (receipt and journal)
  • SAM4s SPS-345 raised keys and dual printers 9receipt and journal)
The keyboard on the SPS-320 is much larger than the 650 making it more attractive for restaurants. One of the biggest advances is the SD card port which has been lacking in cash registers in the past. The SD card will let you back up and restore programming, update firmware and download sales reports. Giving the register more scalability they have included 2 serial ports and have 2 additional available as options. These serial ports allow you have more options than the 650 did. For example now you can have a PC interface, a bar code scanner, a credit card interface and still have a port left over!

You will love the easy programming with the 8 line LCD display or if you would like to use it the register comes with free programming software however make sure and buy the cables need to interface.

Overall this is a great model and should be around for a long time! Call if you have any questions about buying 1-800-863-2274

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